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Our Services – Chimney Sweeping

Soots-Chimney Sweeping Norfolk

A clean chimney is a safe chimney!  The team at Soots are here to help protect your family or business.

Having your Chimney swept regularly will protect against blockages, smoke leaks, inadequate ventilation, insufficient draw, down-draught and tar build-up.

Soots provides chimney sweeping services across Norwich & Norfolk.  Whether your chimney is brick built and unlined, brick built and clay lined, pumice lined, steel flue lined or twin wall flue lined our team at Soots carry all of the specialist equipment necessary to sweep your chimney properly, whatever it’s construction.


Why Should I Choose Soots?

  tickAll of Soots sweeps are certified by the Institute of Chimney Sweeps.

  tickOur chimney sweeps are fully insured giving you complete peace of mind at all times.

  tickWe can provide certificate of chimney sweeping on completion.

  tickSoots is the name you can trust!


How Often Does My Chimney Need Sweeping?

Frequency will depend on a number of factors including: Type of fuel, appliance used, duration of use, moisture content of wood fuel, type of chimney. Our experts will be able to advise you further on sweeping frequency during the appointment, the sweeping frequencies below are for guidance:

Smokeless Fuel At Least Once A Year
Wood Twice A Year
Bituminous Coal Twice A Year
Gas / Oil At Least Once A Year

What should I do to prepare for the sweep’s visit?

Please ensure clear passage to the chimney and adequate space to work in. Clear ornaments from the hearth and perhaps from the mantelpiece. In particular we request that you clear the grate of any fuel / ash / rubbish.