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Our Services – CCTV Chimney Inspection


Carrying out a CCTV survey is the cleanest, quickest and most effective way to identify issues with your chimney.

When you have a problem with your chimney it can sometimes be challenging to identify precisely what’s going on.  Using the latest technology we can view and record high quality footage of your chimney to help diagnose problems and assist our sweeps in finding the appropriate solutions.
Why do I need a CCTV Survey?

  •  If you have a blockage that can’t be removed by sweeping
  •  Is your flue is functioning poorly?
  • Has your flue failed an integrity test?
  • If you’ve had a chimney fire
  •  Are you buying or have recently bought a new home?
  •  Are you reinstating an old flue?
  •  Post-repair CCTV surveys ensure that work has been carried out properly and that issues are resolved

The benefits of a CCTV Survey:

  • With 360° rotation and 180° swivel-views, the camera provides high quality footage of your entire flue
  •  A compact camera causes no damage
  •  The survey takes roughly one hour to carry out
  •  The survey provides data needed to give you the best advice
    It helps ascertain whether or not your flue should be used


What does a CCTV survey involve?

  • Before your survey takes place your flue must be cleaned:
  • Heavy soot deposits in the flue can hide problems
  • Loose soot can fall onto the camera and obstruct the view
  • Soot can cause significant mess when feeding the CCTV camera along the length of the flue

Once your flue is clean the CCTV equipment is set up and we’ll be ready to go.  The camera is secured to a rod and brush and fed up to the top of the flue. When it reaches the top the camera starts recording, feeding colour images back to the engineer. As the camera travels back down the flue it stops at regular intervals to record sections of interest.  If your engineer identifies a problem he’ll collect images from varying angles to identify the issue before moving along the rest of the flue.  With the survey complete we’ll show you the images and talk you through any potential issues and suggest how best to get things working again.